Number 13. Protection has been received from above.


Zodiac: Scorpio, Water, Planet Pluto ruled by Mars.

Most people see the number 13 as been unlucky. I myself was born on the 13th, I take strength from the 13th grateful of the blessings I have been giving. It represents us all making our own luck.

This card is not about losing a loved one or dear friend. It tells us of change  of a message been received. The message is one you were not expecting, why are you been giving this information now. This card would say check the facts for oneself. Keep an open view.

Out of all endings new beginnings will appear. If this is reversed there is resistance from you to let go. Your new life will not begin until you let go.

As we move forward in life. The Death card tells us we need to let go of the past. You  do not have to forget the past, learn from it. Your higher power knows the difference between right and wrong. Have you been the difficult person that your loved ones and family members have had to deal. The message you will receive will encourage you to be more understanding of on going issues. Is it time to ask for help. Has some one left your life recently? This occurred suddenly leaving you feeling subdued by all that has occurred.


Divine timing

is what the universe offers us. Be open to understanding the situation as to why a decision is taken. Look at all aspects, not just your own view. For a new beginning to start, one must be willing to let go of the past.

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No 11.

Justice.Are you the forgiving one? Has there been a dispute between you and someone else? It is not a case of who is right or wrong.

Forgivingness comes from deep within.

Zodiac: Libra/Air/ Venus. The good within yourself.


Are you the forgiving one?
Has there been a dispute between you and someone else? It is not a case of who is right or wrong. It is time to stand up and recognize where the problem or dispute came from. Justice by having an open mind about the situation, you may be able to resolve it.

If this is not possible the Justice card can tell us, how to have a good outcome in any legal dispute that must be brought informally by another. Be mindful of others as you go through this process.
Harmony will be restored to all concerned. It tells us there will be a favorable conclusion to ongoing issues you are dealing with. Justice is about been reasonable with the conversion you will have. Do you need guidance to help you in the current situation? The Justice card will bring a straightforward way forward with a sincere understanding of the trauma of the previous times and hardship you have encountered. Do you know the difference between right and wrong?
This justice card tells me it is time to seek out balance in your life. Are you sacrificing your own happiness to see others being happy? For true happiness in others, they need and want to see happiness in you. Balance is needed.
Who has planned regarding you without consulting you? There is a dishonest person who likes to create drama. Unfairness and a lack of straight forward talking will create a ripple effect. Choose your words wisely. It is Important to stick to the facts. Judge yourself kindly. Believe that you will succeed in an honest way. Are you swayed by other people’s views?

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The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune

Number 10. Hold only positive thoughts.

Zodiacs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. It is said the wheel carries all zodiac signs.Wheel of Fortune

Support has been offered to you.

The wheel of fortune will give you the knowledge to guide a young person on the correct path. Wheels turn, a new brighter more fulfilment of life is now being offered. Knowledge in books will be achieved. An excellent card to receive for a rewarding future. Luck is now on your side.

Wheel of Fortune. Life spinning forces

It is time for friends and family to be part of your life. The support that has been offered to you is done in a subtle and calm way. Time to move forward from the past. It’s about receiving gifts or emotional support. The Wheel of Fortune tells us. It is not just about receiving. It’s also about giving. By doing this you will feel free to enjoy the good company around you. So do respond to the person that speaks to you. Engage in good healthy conversation, speak of the positives from your life. See your smile as you relax in a natural environment. Life is looking good.

Do remember nothing is permanent in life. Changes always occur. Take the correct direction for a good outcome. When times are difficult, the wheel will still be turning, look for the solutions of the problems.

When we say life is looking good, is that just for the purpose of others? It is important to be positive about the situation. It is also necessary to express your views on why you think a different direction is needed. Discussion is important to ensure your happiness

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No 8. As Number eight has no beginning or end, there is endless possibilities both emotionally and financially avaible to you.
Leo/Sun/Fire. Strength is required to ensure fulfilment and happiness.

We may look like we have what it takes to be strong. Using your inner strength with the wisdom you have acquired over the years will guide you. Such an amazing person to have in your life. Protect them, love them, be good to them, it will return to you tenfold, if you know this person tell them how you feel. This is a precious and caring individual, who will only ever eyes and wise words for you. Listen with your heart as well as your mind.

It’s one of these cards where we feel the world is on our shoulders. Feeling like you’re not moving forward. Been stuck in limbo. Not sure as to what to do.
The strength card says, have you the mental strength to move forward. Or has a breakup or job loss upset you? You’re feeling low. Take strength from it, it is their loss and pain. You are a loving caring person with enormous love and respect. Only as time goes forward will they realize what they have lost. Show love and it will be returned to you. Take one step at a time to start rebuilding your life. Small daily tasks will ensure you will overcome the stress you feel in your mind.


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The Emperor

The Emperor

No 4 You are being reassured your prayer are being answered. Circumstance will change with your influence,
Aries/ Mars. A natural healer. Confidence/ Wealth/ Leadership

What will you make out of life
When the Emperor appears to you it indicates you are in control of your own life. You may also find someone around you is trying to control you.

The skills you acquired over the years allow you to be in control without being forceful.
You may find yourself in a situation which unsettles you or someone close to you, as you are a strong individual the situation will be brought under control by your ability to calm and understand the overall problem, bringing ease to all. Stand strong but be mindful of others. But be transformed, renewing your mind looking at the whole picture.
Is there someone or something coming to you, which will change your life?

The High Priestess

The High Priestess


No 2. Only you will know the correct plan to take, all will become clear.

Cancer/ Water/Moon. A strong connection to the past/ protection

Patience is a virtue. You will find yourself being better able to deal with problems, you will stay very calm. Where you would normally rush around trying to do things and get on top of it all you will find yourself calming getting through your tasks. Not worrying about what needs to be done. The High Priestess will tell us we all have history, family secrets, ex partners, children, mistakes from the past, embarrassing moments.

This card also indicates there will be a change for you. Has there been a mystery around you lately? Do you sense something has been kept from you? Or are you nervous of discussing your secret for fear of rejection.  Reversed be careful about whom you trust with your emotional wellbeing,

The Fool 0

 The Fool

0 in the Deck. It is a sign without beginning or end, who is trying to get your attention with words of reassurance

As the fool embarks on his/her journey. He knows he/she does not have the answers. Taking the first step to move forward in his life. He/she knows if he/she can return to his/her innocent way of thinking. There is always a risk as to who will cross his path. He/she teaches himself to have a free spirit and an open mind to all situations.

Are you waiting for something or someone? The card says the choices you make next will determine the path or journey. Make your choices wisely, it is your life which controls you. The fool is connected to Red Joker and the number 0

The Fool or not

Be cautious regarding change. Look at it with open eyes and mind. Do not in this instance let the heart rule you.

The plan to start a new project is very prosperous when a fool appears to us. It can also indicate that you or someone around you just wants to put a rucksack on their back and take to the road, to see what the world has to offer.

Is he/she a fool or a very clever person? There is change coming your way in life, Is it time to leave the past behind and look forward.

Fool once, shame on you, fool twice, shame on me. This card is saying be wise to your mind and the way of the world.

Ace of Clubs

Ace of Clubs 


You already know what you need. Now invite your Angels to help you. 

 It is an incredibly positive card to get. Ask and you shall receive 

 Known in the Tarot as the Ace of Wands. When you deal with this card, it will suggest you will find your creativity. Have you been thinking lately about a new project? Is there a new job on the horizon? 

The ace of clubs suggests that this could be an enjoyable time to start something new in your life. It is an incredibly positive card to get. Ask and you shall receive. 

However, if you recently have not been putting in the effort. How could you expect to be promoted? Positive thinking showing love for day-to-day tasks with genuine intent will change the outcome for you. 

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Diamonds or Pentacles

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Seven of Diamonds

Seven of Coins  Feeling the Struggle

You feel as if you are working all the hours God sent. The days are starting to feel like a struggle. The seven of Diamonds or Pentacle’s  tell me it is very important to keep going . Stick with what you are doing, it will pay off. 

Of course there are going to be a few setbacks. It is important to respond to customers’ replies to emails. Look at all aspects to see where it is you need to up your game. Do it with the intention of being successful, be the customer to yourself to get the understanding you need to be successful. 



Eight of Diamonds

Eight of Coins

So now you have finally achieved the goal you were aiming for is so rewarding. You also know that there is more training to be done. To ensure continued success it is important to be better educated for the purpose of gaining the knowledge to keep moving forward. This is not necessarily a financial gain. It could be a hobby a sport you love. Making money out of something you love doing is a natural ability. Should you follow this aspect, or is there an adventure you have undertaken . In any area choose it will be a success. 

Nine of Diamonds

Nine of Coins  Hidden behind your Smile

If you’re feeling like there is a void in your life. There is. The nine of diamonds tell me you feel like throwing in the towel. You’re frustrated with all the work and effort you have put in. Take some time out. Relax. This is going to be a success . 

The great time you will experience will be because of your achievements in the way you handled the overall situation. Dealing with every little detail is perfect at what you do. Hidden behind your smile, few will know of the stress you were under to succeed. For the person closest to you who saw your frustration it’s time to say thank you to them for giving you the support you needed. Enjoy the great financial reward.


Ten of Diamonds

Ten of Coins – Support

Life is so rewarding when we find ourselves in a good position financially in life. We soon forget how difficult it was to get to this point of reward. Yes it is well deserved, however remember you did not do it alone. The greatest support came from your nearest and dearest so spend quality time with them letting them know how the support they gave you helped you achieve the financial success that will stay with you for life, You are a wise person when it comes to money. Do plan for the future, you must also live in the present so learn to enjoy it with your family without being critical.  


Jack of Diamonds

Knight of Coins   Perfection

Such a lovely charming person to have around. If they are not already in your circle, they soon will be. A person who has all the qualities we want to see. Friendly, polite, honourable , successful. An excellent way with words. This person has the ability to diffuse any situation with their caring approach. Bringing friends together, building bridges between enemies.  If you know this individual there profession could be a doctor mediator. 

This person will also bring a message to you . It will indeed be great news . Possibly unexpected. Celebration  will be enjoyed  Enjoy their company 


Queen of Diamonds

Queen of Diamond   Influenced

We all want this great lady in our life. She could be your mother, wife or friend.  You will seek her advice on important issues in your life. Here advice should be listened to. A woman of great knowledge who has the inner strength of the Angels to help her advise you. A friendly warm person who loves family life. She is possibly an accountant who knows how best to serve up good financial news over dinner. Her subtle way of telling you how best to spend or invest money is done without you even realising she has influenced you.


King of Diamonds

Maturity at it’s finest. There is no going back now. With age comes great knowledge. If the business venture is with an older  person. It is set for great success. They have seen all the cracks, They will show you what you need to do to move forward. 

The advice is do not blame others for your own mistake. This great person has always taken responsibility for his own actions. Never pointing the finger at others for failures he had in life. He learned from his mistake and will teach you how to acquire the ability to do the same.  

This ensures great financial success.

Red Joker

The Fool or not, Be cautious regarding change. Look at it with open eyes and mind. Do not in this instance let the heart rule you. 




 Black Joker

The World  Be accepting of our World

Do say yes to the promotion you have been offered. You have worked hard to get this far, it has not gone unnoticed. Life goes around in circles for us all. Just like the world. It brings joy sandiness worry, laughter and many more elements that are part of our everyday lives. How we handle different situations is a very important factor in today’s world. Media internet has so many effects on us.

This card the world tells me we all have to be responsible for the world we live in. Live your life for the good of others. It will return to you tenfold



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