The Fool 0

 The Fool

0 in the Deck. It is a sign without beginning or end, who is trying to get your attention with words of reassurance

As the fool embarks on his/her journey. He knows he/she does not have the answers. Taking the first step to move forward in his life. He/she knows if he/she can return to his/her innocent way of thinking. There is always a risk as to who will cross his path. He/she teaches himself to have a free spirit and an open mind to all situations.

Are you waiting for something or someone? The card says the choices you make next will determine the path or journey. Make your choices wisely, it is your life which controls you. The fool is connected to Red Joker and the number 0

The Fool or not

Be cautious regarding change. Look at it with open eyes and mind. Do not in this instance let the heart rule you.

The plan to start a new project is very prosperous when a fool appears to us. It can also indicate that you or someone around you just wants to put a rucksack on their back and take to the road, to see what the world has to offer.

Is he/she a fool or a very clever person? There is change coming your way in life, Is it time to leave the past behind and look forward.

Fool once, shame on you, fool twice, shame on me. This card is saying be wise to your mind and the way of the world.

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