The Magician

The Magician

No 1 in the deck. Stay Positive.
Think about what you Desire.

A decision has finally been made. You now see the new confidence within yourself. Success will and has come to you in many ways. Look back, see what you have achieved, be proud and thankful of everything that has come to your life.
The feeling that your life has been a trick to you. Wondering how this has all happened. Take all the positives from your previous experience. This is the time of you creating something new and wonderful for you. A positive outlook is required if you are planning a new project.
The magic here is you will have to make it happen. It is important to stay focused and see the opportunities that come your way. Using your mind to work out how to achieve the best results is a natural ability. Watch out for different opportunities around you, that may be the starting point you need to get your project started. Use your magic.
The Magician reversed will indicate there is trickery around you. Who is not been honest, it may also warn you to carry out more research in the project you are planning.
One is the beginning of all of all starts. The confidence and courage you have is yours to use. Think about the result before finalizing a decision.

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The Fool 0

 The Fool

0 in the Deck. It is a sign without beginning or end, who is trying to get your attention with words of reassurance

As the fool embarks on his/her journey. He knows he/she does not have the answers. Taking the first step to move forward in his life. He/she knows if he/she can return to his/her innocent way of thinking. There is always a risk as to who will cross his path. He/she teaches himself to have a free spirit and an open mind to all situations.

Are you waiting for something or someone? The card says the choices you make next will determine the path or journey. Make your choices wisely, it is your life which controls you. The fool is connected to Red Joker and the number 0

The Fool or not

Be cautious regarding change. Look at it with open eyes and mind. Do not in this instance let the heart rule you.

The plan to start a new project is very prosperous when a fool appears to us. It can also indicate that you or someone around you just wants to put a rucksack on their back and take to the road, to see what the world has to offer.

Is he/she a fool or a very clever person? There is change coming your way in life, Is it time to leave the past behind and look forward.

Fool once, shame on you, fool twice, shame on me. This card is saying be wise to your mind and the way of the world.

There is a message

Wheel Of FortuneWheel of Fourtune


Wheel of Fortune. Life spinning forces 

It is time for friends and family to be part of your life. The support that has been offered to you is done in a subtle and calm way. Time to move forward from the past. It’s about receiving gifts or emotional support. It is not just about receiving. It’s also about giving. This can be emotional or physical. By doing this you will feel free to enjoy the good company around you. So do respond to the person that speaks to you. Engage in good healthy conversion, speak of the Positive from your life. See your smile as you relax in a natural environment. Life is looking good. 


Four Of WandsFour of Wands


Peace and success follow when the four of wands appear. This Is a card of good endings and fresh starts. If you are beginning a new relationship or rekindling an old relationship. This is an incredibly positive card. A promise will be made. A move to a new resident is also seen when the four of wands appear. True love is alive for you. Open your heart to receive.




This card tells us of change a message been received. As with the above card. Out of all endings new beginnings will appear. Change is seen here, this card advises us to accept the situation that has occurred, learning from our past mistakes. We all have free will to choose. The death card is a blessing in disguise to the future. Expect good news to come your way. Have you been waiting for the right moment to discuss a situation? Time is valuable, something that cannot be retrieved. Stop putting it off and move forward with the positives this card and the ones above have given to you.


Today’s Cards

Knight of Cups

Knight Of Cups

Staying in your most passionate beliefs will lead to progress towards your goals. You will find peace in deep, meaningful connections with others. You need the emotional connection with another, you have many friends, who is this person. Is this person a friend or your desired lover? He is a romantic and compassionate person, he can forget about the moment, always planning. He represents self-acceptance and an arrival to finding the proper path for your life.



King of Swords ReversedKnight of Swords

This is a person who has harsh energy around them. They come across a weakness. They will manipulate you for their own gain showing you false love and kindness until they have you under their spell. Then you will see the real person emerge. Be watchful as you maintain your control of your life and finances.
The Knight of Swords is overpowering and can be destructive. He wants control, to know where you are and what you’re doing. Be cautious of fraud from what seems to be a nice individual.


Ten of PentaclesTen of Coins

The Ten Pentacles shows the presence of good, luck coming way, there is a moment of coming together, a discussion is needed to ensure it is the correct path for you in a relationship. An inheritance or win could be awaiting you.


Seven of PentaclesSeven of Coins


This card by nature tells you will avoid failure but fall short of immense success You can and will achieve your goals, do not set the standard too high, Time is needed here for all to come together. There will be setbacks.
Because of the previous cards, do ask yourself if it is love or finances that will bring you the greatest happiness. You want it both ways, are you willing to sacrifice yourself for financial reward, when what you crave is emotional connection as with the knight of swords.

Ace of Clubs

Ace of Clubs 


You already know what you need. Now invite your Angels to help you. 

 It is an incredibly positive card to get. Ask and you shall receive 

 Known in the Tarot as the Ace of Wands. When you deal with this card, it will suggest you will find your creativity. Have you been thinking lately about a new project? Is there a new job on the horizon? 

The ace of clubs suggests that this could be an enjoyable time to start something new in your life. It is an incredibly positive card to get. Ask and you shall receive. 

However, if you recently have not been putting in the effort. How could you expect to be promoted? Positive thinking showing love for day-to-day tasks with genuine intent will change the outcome for you. 

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Eight of Hearts

Eight of Cups – Make or Break

When I see the eight of Hearts coming out in a love reading. I’m intrigued to see the rest of the layout of the cards. It tells me there is change coming to your life. If it’s work or love it can be an exciting time. 

However it also tells me it may be time to make a break from your current situation. Is it a relationship you struggle with. There are better people around to share your life with. Be yourself, not the person someone else wants you to be. A chance encounter with a stranger may make you question your current situation allowing you to make the correct decision for you. Be it work or love it is make or break time 

Nine of Hearts

Nine of Cups  rewarding times

So it has all been worth  the effort. The long hours you put in on the project you were working on. It is going to be a very successful time.

The great friendship you have with the love of your life seems that it just can’t get any better. It has way more to give you than we could ever had expected. So enjoy this prosperous and fulfilling time within your life. The moral is if we just enjoy what is within us around us. Life will happen naturally. Accept life gifts with open arms.


Ten of Hearts

Ten of Cups Love is in the Air

It is always nice to see the ten of hearts. To me it gives off one of the best vibes a person could want. If you recently had a falling out with someone. or distance has come between you. The family life you dreamed off, The job you applied for. It will all come together bringing you amorous peace of mind and happiness. A strong sense of love is in the air.

Have you been looking for love or is the love of your life closer than what you think? Keep an open mind to everyone around you. Feel the love and happiness others can bring to your life. As with all cards it is how the cards are placed will determined  you’re out come

Jack of Hearts

Knight of Cups –Out for fun

This guy to me is so graceful. the perfect gentleman when it comes to love. He or she is a really nice person with great interest and understanding in other people life. There could be a new romance in the air. Go with caution as this person is only out for fun . They will not stick around. Emotional they will be attracted to you. I see this person as the life and soul of the party that everyone loves. They  are great people. It will be a few years before they are ready to make any kind of commitment to you or to themselves

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Cups  Emotional Security

Such a great lady for any of us to have in our life. She is sensitive to understanding.  A woman who says little. When she does speak it is always the correct time. She will guide you with love. Never want to see anyone hurt. When it comes to love her advice will be not to overthink it, go with what your heart is telling you to do. 

The Queen Of Cups or Hearts will also tell you of the warning when it comes to love. If  you have been mistreated or feel there is jealousy towards you. She will let you know in a very nurturing way.A great friend to have in your life. 

King of Hearts

King of Cups  Do you Trust 

If you have someone like this in your life consider yourself luck. A compassionate caring person who will only ever want the best for you. A very wise man with few words. He can also sit quietly watching the world and it’s way go by, as he comes up with a new plan for a stable future.

I know if there were problems that need to be sorted , this is the person I would trust. A good sense of knowledge. He is a professional who has learned his skill well. A great person for solving problems in the workplace or at home.

In a relationship the King of Hearts or cups likes to be in control. They can become moody. A full reading of the Angels or Tarot cards will fill in the blanks as to if this person is worthy of you

Hearts or Cups

Ace of Hearts

The Ace of Cups Known in the tarot as Cups

If you have been recently through an upsetting time. The ace of hearts is telling me. You are now ready to move on to better times. Is there love in the air? The beginning of a new lover. See your positive approach returning to you allowing you to enjoy the fruits of love. Move forward taken each day as a new day. Enjoy it for it’s happiness. In a reading this card will also tell me there is a wedding on the cards. Is it you or possibly someone very close to you. 

Two of Hearts

The Lovers great friendships

In the coming days you will be blessed to meet a person who is going to become your long time friend. This encounter could start out as a business encounter where you seemed to get further information and knowledge on an upcoming business. You will click with this person straight away becoming such close friends. Now if it’s love you are looking for. It is there creating a bond never to be broken. The attraction for each other will be automatic, go with it. Don’t overthink it. Enjoy


Three of Hearts

The Chariot A journey

The three of hearts always remind me of my three sisters. It shouts out to me, fun celebration and happiness. Is there an upcoming event of joy for your family or friends? Exciting news. Be close to the people who bring out the best in you.

Are you planning on purchasing a new vehicle. A car, a bike or could it be a plane ticket. The three of Heart is saying go for it. It is the right time


Four of Hearts

Strength Mindset

It’s one of these cards where we feel the world is on our shoulders. Feeling like you’re not moving forward. Been stuck in limbo. Not sure as to what to do. Sitting down with a long feel sorry for me face, will not help the situation.

The four of Hearts tell me you do have the mental strength to move forward. OK you been upset with your lover, or have you lost your job. You’re feeling low. Fight it, get up. Take one step at a time to start rebuilding your life. Small daily tasks will ensure you will overcome the stress you feel in your mind. You are so  loving. Show it and it will be returned to you.


Five of Hearts

The Hermit Time Alone

Yes there is a time when we all need some quality time on our own. Going through the events of our lives. Having regrets. Letting them rest in our mind. It is upsetting when someone or something from the past returns to invade our everyday lives. Who scared you, broke your heart.

The five of hearts tell me. Yes you do need time out to deal with the situation that has been bothering you for so long. Write them all down. Scratch off the less important ones and let them go. On the more serious ones. Take one at a time. Speak to a professional to help you get through it. The one thing in life we all have control of is our own mind. We create our own thoughts.

Time out on our own can bring great awareness of the importance of life. You cannot change the past so start looking forward to a fresh new start each day


Six of Hearts

Wheel of Fortune Life spinning forces

It is time for friends and family to be part of your life. The support that has been offered to you is done in a subtle and calm way. Time to move forward from the past. It’s about receiving gifts or emotional support. The six of Hearts or cups also tell me. It is not just about receiving. It’s also about giving. By doing this you will feel free to enjoy the good company around you. So do respond to the person that speaks to you. Engage in good healthy conversion, speak of the positive from your life. See your smile as you relax in a  natural environment. Life is looking good.

Seven of Hearts

Seven of Cups – So many choices, so little time!

You have so many ideas. Like us all we think we can achieve everything that our mind offers to us. There is change arriving to you. Multi tasking so many different events or new ideas is not the way forward.

The seven is telling me it is time to choose from one of your great ideas. Ask your Angels to help you make the correct decision. Then focus on watching it grow into the wonderful thoughts you have had on the idea. Trying to do too many things at the same time is impossible for a perfect outcome.

This card also reminds me of looking to the higher power within our self, or simply just asking our great angels for direction. They will show you the way

Diamonds or Pentacles

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Seven of Diamonds

Seven of Coins  Feeling the Struggle

You feel as if you are working all the hours God sent. The days are starting to feel like a struggle. The seven of Diamonds or Pentacle’s  tell me it is very important to keep going . Stick with what you are doing, it will pay off. 

Of course there are going to be a few setbacks. It is important to respond to customers’ replies to emails. Look at all aspects to see where it is you need to up your game. Do it with the intention of being successful, be the customer to yourself to get the understanding you need to be successful. 



Eight of Diamonds

Eight of Coins

So now you have finally achieved the goal you were aiming for is so rewarding. You also know that there is more training to be done. To ensure continued success it is important to be better educated for the purpose of gaining the knowledge to keep moving forward. This is not necessarily a financial gain. It could be a hobby a sport you love. Making money out of something you love doing is a natural ability. Should you follow this aspect, or is there an adventure you have undertaken . In any area choose it will be a success. 

Nine of Diamonds

Nine of Coins  Hidden behind your Smile

If you’re feeling like there is a void in your life. There is. The nine of diamonds tell me you feel like throwing in the towel. You’re frustrated with all the work and effort you have put in. Take some time out. Relax. This is going to be a success . 

The great time you will experience will be because of your achievements in the way you handled the overall situation. Dealing with every little detail is perfect at what you do. Hidden behind your smile, few will know of the stress you were under to succeed. For the person closest to you who saw your frustration it’s time to say thank you to them for giving you the support you needed. Enjoy the great financial reward.


Ten of Diamonds

Ten of Coins – Support

Life is so rewarding when we find ourselves in a good position financially in life. We soon forget how difficult it was to get to this point of reward. Yes it is well deserved, however remember you did not do it alone. The greatest support came from your nearest and dearest so spend quality time with them letting them know how the support they gave you helped you achieve the financial success that will stay with you for life, You are a wise person when it comes to money. Do plan for the future, you must also live in the present so learn to enjoy it with your family without being critical.  


Jack of Diamonds

Knight of Coins   Perfection

Such a lovely charming person to have around. If they are not already in your circle, they soon will be. A person who has all the qualities we want to see. Friendly, polite, honourable , successful. An excellent way with words. This person has the ability to diffuse any situation with their caring approach. Bringing friends together, building bridges between enemies.  If you know this individual there profession could be a doctor mediator. 

This person will also bring a message to you . It will indeed be great news . Possibly unexpected. Celebration  will be enjoyed  Enjoy their company 


Queen of Diamonds

Queen of Diamond   Influenced

We all want this great lady in our life. She could be your mother, wife or friend.  You will seek her advice on important issues in your life. Here advice should be listened to. A woman of great knowledge who has the inner strength of the Angels to help her advise you. A friendly warm person who loves family life. She is possibly an accountant who knows how best to serve up good financial news over dinner. Her subtle way of telling you how best to spend or invest money is done without you even realising she has influenced you.


King of Diamonds

Maturity at it’s finest. There is no going back now. With age comes great knowledge. If the business venture is with an older  person. It is set for great success. They have seen all the cracks, They will show you what you need to do to move forward. 

The advice is do not blame others for your own mistake. This great person has always taken responsibility for his own actions. Never pointing the finger at others for failures he had in life. He learned from his mistake and will teach you how to acquire the ability to do the same.  

This ensures great financial success.

Red Joker

The Fool or not, Be cautious regarding change. Look at it with open eyes and mind. Do not in this instance let the heart rule you. 




 Black Joker

The World  Be accepting of our World

Do say yes to the promotion you have been offered. You have worked hard to get this far, it has not gone unnoticed. Life goes around in circles for us all. Just like the world. It brings joy sandiness worry, laughter and many more elements that are part of our everyday lives. How we handle different situations is a very important factor in today’s world. Media internet has so many effects on us.

This card the world tells me we all have to be responsible for the world we live in. Live your life for the good of others. It will return to you tenfold



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Pentacles or Diamonds

The Diamonds or Pentacles can give us all hope for the future. The encouragement when these cards are laid out, will help to guide you in making the correct financial decision. A full reading will be more accurate. Head over to Lotus Tarot for a free reading

Ace of Diamonds

Ace of Pentacles Stay Wise

We all love to have the ace of diamond or pentacles when they appear in a spread. It tells me if you are currently working on a new financial deal. Rest assured it will be successful. Your financial security is just about to get better. Is it a win business or an inheritance?

If they are finding it difficult to hold  on to money. Be wise with your decisions. Do not rush into any quick rich scheme. As it is sure to cost you dearly. Be wise with your money.

Two of Diamonds

The Tower  Stay alert

To see this card in the deck can make us think of what is ahead. There is sudden change expected by everyone. Change comes about by our actions. The upheaval you feel at the moment is indeed worrying. Rest assured the change can be sometimes welcomed.  Is there a relationship with financial implications. Or is connected to business

The advice of the two of Diamonds, is to check every detail of any financial agreement. Don’t let love rule the heart; it could cost you dearly.

Three of Diamonds

The Star  Encouragement

You have worked hard on a new business or project. There were times when it seemed like it was endless task. Your reward is coming to you. The hard work you have put in is now about to pay out. Be careful not to let your goals slip. Stay focused in the coming months to ensure a good income from the venture you are undertaking.

When I see the Three of Diamonds. I also see a strong person standing by you encouraging you gently helping you to achieve your dreams

Four of Diamonds

The Sun – Seeing the light

Seeing the four of diamonds is so rewarding, it takes away from the worry of money. You now know you have been successful in your dealings with business. A wise person who keeps their feet firmly on the ground protecting their gains.

There is great excitement around you, a fun person who brings the joy and happiness out in you. Allowing you to relax and enjoy life. Material gain is a bonus to us all. So do thank your Angels for bringing you such great reward.


Five of Diamonds

The Moon  Face Reality

Everyday cannot be perfect. It is time to face reality . Is your job coming to an end . Or you may be concerned about your relationship. Stand back and look at the overall situation, it is time to choose what is most important to you. There are going to be some hard times ahead.

Our overall happiness is what we bring about by the decisions we make. So do not just think about yourself. It’s time to take your head out of the sand if you want to succeed and be happy.

Six of Diamonds

Judgment  It’s paid off

This is the time when we feel unbelievable gratitude and thanksgiving for the great gifts that have come into our lives. Has your business suddenly started to see a profit after years of hard work. Or it could also indicate a gift of a substantial nature or an inheritance. You have quite rightly been rewarded. You are such an amazing person showing appreciation for the great gifts you received. 

In giving we must also be able to receive. In receiving we must all so be willing to give with an open and honest heart. Do not judge people who you give to or receive from, allow them to experience what you have. Each one of us will share in different ways

Most images are from Coastline Picture. All images can be digital downloaded at high resolution for the creation of canvas or print

Spades or Swords

The big red book I grew up with gave me a new insight into the folklore of Angels and Tarot. Been a young child my mind was fresh to what i was seeing. Should I say or not. Iv always been cautious not to bring bad news to people. Cards are a guide to us all, Small adjustment in our life’s or the life’s of people around us. Will be of benefit  to all of our minds


Seven of Spades

Seven of Swords  Pilfer

Have you been finding the workload heavy of late. Pressure on you to complete the job. You’re mind stressed from the events of all the work. Is there someone who has taken advantage of your good nature? Take all the strength from you.  Be on your guard . The seven of spades tells me there is a thief in your surroundings  . This could be physical or emotional. Be Vigilant to your surroundings


Eight of Spades

Eight of Swords- Not accepting the truth

We can all shut our minds off to the true facts of life. Not accepting the truth or wanting to know the real facts surrounding our current situation. Allow your mind to be truthful to you, accept what is or has happened. Gain inner awareness to turn on a positive approach to the issues involving you or someone else. . We can’t run away from our past, it is there imprinted in our souls and deep in our minds. Until such a time you are accepting of the truth that surrounds you. It’s only then you will find comfort for oneself and proceed to help others around you to be content with their lives.

Nine of Spades

Nine of Swords –Sleepless Nights

You lie awake at night while everyone around sleeps peacefully. What is going through your mind. The troubles seem huge to you. You are concerned, worried, frustrated. As the night goes to day your frustration gets stronger, the lack of sleep and worry is not allowing you to process your thoughts clearly.

This can be a trigger for onset depression. It’s fine if we lose a night’s sleep every now and then because our mind is active. The nine of spades tell me it is time for you or is it someone very close to you that needs help. Professional help is always needed when one can not control their mind . Seek the help allowing your body and mind to recover.

Ten of Spades

Ten of Swords – Walk before you run

It’s one of those cards I just do not like seeing. Is there a current disaster in your life? Everything seen unrecoverable at the end of a bad situation . Do not be fretful of all things in life when there is an end. There is also a beginning. From here life can not get any more completed or worse. Empower your mind to start taking small steps to recover from the current situation. The Ten of Spades tells me you will be able to gain the strength you need to  become better in your everyday daily life

Jack of Spades

Knight of Swords – Take Control

This is a person who is quite forceful. Like to get their own way. Will forge ahead with plans and decisions without seeing them through correctly. Be cautious with this person, they are very persuasive. Strong minded, on a positive note they can get the job done. Make sure you’re telling this person directly what your intention is . This way the confusion will be understood allowing for a good outcome on the project you’re working on. Or it could also be the fiery relationship. The ten of spades or The knight of swords will help you be more in control of your emotions with the people around you being on the same wavelength as you.

Queen of Spades

Queen of Swords – Friends with Benefits

A strong minded person more lightly a lady. She has such great strength. Any one of us needs her in our life. Always knows the answer. Giving good vibes. Encouraging and decisive in her thinking. Have you a teacher or a professional who is helping others? When offered to you, accept her invite to be friends. However males, she really does mean friends. Not friends with benefits of the sexual nature. She will put you back in your box. Spare yourself the embarrassment. Enjoy her company 

King of Spades

King of Swords – A material Life

The idea of having the perfect intelligent man or woman in your life is the King of spades or Swords. This person will ensure you of all the good things in life, House car no worries with finance. Providing all the material needed for a good life. They have achieved it all and should be proud of them-self’s 

The king of spade is difficult when it comes to emotions of the heart. You will be wasting your time thinking you will show them how to be a better person emotionally. They are not interested. Only commit to a relationship with this person if you are willing to accept them as they are. They will not be changed. They are very successful and gain confidence from this knowledge. Good teacher to the world.

Most images are from Coastline Picture. All images can be digital downloaded at high resolution for the creation of canvas or print