Wands and Clubs

Advice from the Cards

Dealing the cards As a young child, I was intrigued when it came to playing and dealing the cards. As each person turned over their cards, I would start telling them about their future. What the card meant for them. Here I will give you an insight into what I was seeing in the cards and what it meant. Over they years many people including my children refused to play cards with me. Are they nervous that I will reveal important information about them. We all have secrets will they be unfolded in a card spread?. Below are the clubs, from the Ace to the King.

Ace of Clubs

Known in the tarot as the Ace of Wands. When you deal this card it will suggest you will find your creativity.. Have you been thinking lately about a new project. Ace of clubs  suggests that this could be a good time to start something new in your life. It is a very positive card to get.  Remember it will take a few more cards  to give a better picture of your current situation. Ask and you shall receive

Two of Clubs

Is the Magician. Two of Clubs is very positive if you are planning a new project. The magic here is you will have to make it happen. Watch out for different opportunity around you that may be the starting point you need to get your project started.

Three of Clubs

The High Priestess Who is she. Patience is a virtue. When the Three of Clubs appear you will find yourself being better able to deal with problems, You will be very calm. Where you would normally rush around trying to do things and get on top of it all you will find yourself calming getting through your tasks. Not worrying about what needs to be done. This card also indicates there will be  change for you something new. Only you will know the correct plan to take. All will become clear to you .

Four of Clubs

The Beautiful Empress. Is it  Love? When you find the Four of Clubs it tells me you are a caring and beautiful person. Is there someone around that needs nurturing?. Are you aware of difficulties in someone’s life. The great abilities you have in your life will be beneficial to finding a solution and helping this person. 

Or are you expecting news on a new arrival in the life of someone you love. Or is there fertility problems. The card placements will tell a bigger story.

Five of Clubs

Emperor  What will you make out of life?. When the five of Clubs appear to you it indicates you are in control of your own life. You may also find someone around you is trying to control you. The skills you acquired over the years allows you to be in control without being forceful. You may find yourself in a situation which unsettled you or someone close to you, as you are a strong individual the situation will be brought under control by your ability to calm and understand the overall problem, bringing ease to all. Stand strong but be mindful of others. But Be opened to a transformed renewing your mind.

Six of Clubs

Hierophant  Reinvent yourself

This is the card that will tell you of the great knowledge you or a loved one has already in their life. However it is asking you to look at the current time in your life. Or has there been a part of your life where you could have done with a helping hand. The Hierophant tells you to seek the help of a professional. This could mean your working environment where there is someone more professional, that can get the project off the ground, your  marriage could be going through a bad patch, or of someone you care about may be indirectly asking for help. Offer them a helping hand or guide them to the correct help that they need. While doing this always remember we all need help at some point in life.

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