The Hermit

The Hermit


No 9 It is time to look forward, you have completed your personal goal.

Virgo/Pluto/ Earth.  Light the way for others.

Are you searching your inner thoughts, reliving all the good memories that have been created? Been a Hermit in solitude with your thoughts, questions to yourself about decisions you have taken, were they taken for the correct reason? The hermit card says it is important to share your thoughts and insights. A person who will encourage and show you the way forward.

There is a time when we all need some quality time on our own. Going through the events of our lives. Having regrets. Letting them rest in our mind. It is upsetting when someone or something from the past returns to invade our everyday lives. Who scared you, who broke your heart.

You do need time out to deal with the situation that has been bothering you for so long. Write them down. Scratch off the less important ones and let them go. On the more serious ones. Take one at a time. Share your feelings with the one you love and care about, solutions can be found here to bring the desired happiness and love.  Speak to a professional to help you get through it. The one thing in life we all have control of is our own mind. We create our own thoughts. Time out on our own can bring great awareness of the importance of life. You cannot change the past so start looking forward to a fresh start each day. Rebuild broken bridges.

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The Emperor

The Emperor

No 4 You are being reassured your prayer are being answered. Circumstance will change with your influence,
Aries/ Mars. A natural healer. Confidence/ Wealth/ Leadership

What will you make out of life
When the Emperor appears to you it indicates you are in control of your own life. You may also find someone around you is trying to control you.

The skills you acquired over the years allow you to be in control without being forceful.
You may find yourself in a situation which unsettles you or someone close to you, as you are a strong individual the situation will be brought under control by your ability to calm and understand the overall problem, bringing ease to all. Stand strong but be mindful of others. But be transformed, renewing your mind looking at the whole picture.
Is there someone or something coming to you, which will change your life?

Spades or Swords

The big red book I grew up with gave me a new insight into the folklore of Angels and Tarot. Been a young child my mind was fresh to what i was seeing. Should I say or not. Iv always been cautious not to bring bad news to people. Cards are a guide to us all, Small adjustment in our life’s or the life’s of people around us. Will be of benefit  to all of our minds


Seven of Spades

Seven of Swords  Pilfer

Have you been finding the workload heavy of late. Pressure on you to complete the job. You’re mind stressed from the events of all the work. Is there someone who has taken advantage of your good nature? Take all the strength from you.  Be on your guard . The seven of spades tells me there is a thief in your surroundings  . This could be physical or emotional. Be Vigilant to your surroundings


Eight of Spades

Eight of Swords- Not accepting the truth

We can all shut our minds off to the true facts of life. Not accepting the truth or wanting to know the real facts surrounding our current situation. Allow your mind to be truthful to you, accept what is or has happened. Gain inner awareness to turn on a positive approach to the issues involving you or someone else. . We can’t run away from our past, it is there imprinted in our souls and deep in our minds. Until such a time you are accepting of the truth that surrounds you. It’s only then you will find comfort for oneself and proceed to help others around you to be content with their lives.

Nine of Spades

Nine of Swords –Sleepless Nights

You lie awake at night while everyone around sleeps peacefully. What is going through your mind. The troubles seem huge to you. You are concerned, worried, frustrated. As the night goes to day your frustration gets stronger, the lack of sleep and worry is not allowing you to process your thoughts clearly.

This can be a trigger for onset depression. It’s fine if we lose a night’s sleep every now and then because our mind is active. The nine of spades tell me it is time for you or is it someone very close to you that needs help. Professional help is always needed when one can not control their mind . Seek the help allowing your body and mind to recover.

Ten of Spades

Ten of Swords – Walk before you run

It’s one of those cards I just do not like seeing. Is there a current disaster in your life? Everything seen unrecoverable at the end of a bad situation . Do not be fretful of all things in life when there is an end. There is also a beginning. From here life can not get any more completed or worse. Empower your mind to start taking small steps to recover from the current situation. The Ten of Spades tells me you will be able to gain the strength you need to  become better in your everyday daily life

Jack of Spades

Knight of Swords – Take Control

This is a person who is quite forceful. Like to get their own way. Will forge ahead with plans and decisions without seeing them through correctly. Be cautious with this person, they are very persuasive. Strong minded, on a positive note they can get the job done. Make sure you’re telling this person directly what your intention is . This way the confusion will be understood allowing for a good outcome on the project you’re working on. Or it could also be the fiery relationship. The ten of spades or The knight of swords will help you be more in control of your emotions with the people around you being on the same wavelength as you.

Queen of Spades

Queen of Swords – Friends with Benefits

A strong minded person more lightly a lady. She has such great strength. Any one of us needs her in our life. Always knows the answer. Giving good vibes. Encouraging and decisive in her thinking. Have you a teacher or a professional who is helping others? When offered to you, accept her invite to be friends. However males, she really does mean friends. Not friends with benefits of the sexual nature. She will put you back in your box. Spare yourself the embarrassment. Enjoy her company 

King of Spades

King of Swords – A material Life

The idea of having the perfect intelligent man or woman in your life is the King of spades or Swords. This person will ensure you of all the good things in life, House car no worries with finance. Providing all the material needed for a good life. They have achieved it all and should be proud of them-self’s 

The king of spade is difficult when it comes to emotions of the heart. You will be wasting your time thinking you will show them how to be a better person emotionally. They are not interested. Only commit to a relationship with this person if you are willing to accept them as they are. They will not be changed. They are very successful and gain confidence from this knowledge. Good teacher to the world.

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Swords Or Spades


Its the Mind

When we see the swords coming out in a card reading it can indicate different issues with in the mind. The clubs and spades do have good omen. You need to really quieten your mind to focus on the deeper problems that surround you or someone you love. You can only guide someone who suffers with the mind be there be supportive.  Your mental health is also very important. Each card in Tarot represent a different story. Other cards in the deal will give a bigger picture

Ace of Spades

Ace of Sword’s – Control of the Mind

Are you expecting change in your life?  Well be prepared it is on it’s way to you. The Ace like all aces is a good omen,  it is connected to our mental way of thinking. You can always expect to have to control your way of thinking when the sword or spades  appear. The Ace tells me  you will face a challenge. Using the great ability of your strong mind will help you to see the benefits of the change coming your way. It will be of great benefit to you. Your approach will ensure you an excellent outcome.

Two of Spades

Justice  Are you the forgiving one

Has there been a dispute between you and someone else. It is not a case of who is right or wrong. It is time to stand up and recognise where the problem or dispute came from. By having an open mind about the situation you may be able to  resolve it, If this is not possible the Two of Spades or the Justice card tell me you will have a good outcome in any legal dispute that has to be brought informally by another. Be mindful to others as you go through this process. Harmony will be restored to all concerned. 

Three of Spades

The Hanged Man – Stepping back to go forward

Is there heartbreak on the cards for you. It is not going to be an easy time. Feeling heartbroken, exhausted and unable to cope throughout the day.. The hanged man or the three of spade says you will have to be very brave to get you through these turbulent times . Your world has literally been turned upside down. Just be patient with yourself . It is fine to feel low in yourself. You have been through a difficult time. But take each day as a new day encouraging yourself to improve as you move forward. You will see change. The strength you have will shine through. If you suffer with a heart condition be aware time is of the essence allow it to heal you

Four of Spades

 Do not regret

The pain that you were feeling will soon come to an end. You will not forget what you have been through. The enlightenment you feel will be great. This is not a time for regret, it’s a time for you to move forward. Is there someone around you who has been unwell struggling with an illness. The four of spades tell me there is great recovery for this person. There is great positive to be enjoyed here. The rest that was required has helped in the light of the day to bring new found awareness to you. Do not dwell on what you have lost, take strength from it. 

Five of Spades

Temperance  Or is it a war of Words

Tempers will be raised and arguments will occur. Who has been agiting the situation looking to cause an argument, try to be calm and walk away before it explodes into a war of words. Words spoken can be forgotten as they as said in the heat of the moment. However written words will stay forever as thought was in the mind when they are written.

The five of spades also tell me it is time for you to take control of any bad habits you have . Look for professional help. It can guide you and help you to move forward while leaving bad habits behind you.  Peace you will bring to yourself will be rewarded with a confident and more approachable view to life. 

Six of Spades

The Devil or Is there a journey on the way for you

Is there a journey that you need to make that you are unsure about. Why has this come about? Are you scared of the trip or the news that has been given to you. Remember you’re turbulent times are behind you. Look to the future with a positive outlook.

The sexual beast is around again. Who is having a fling or trying to tempt you into something you know you do not want to do . They are persuasive, promising you the world. Beware it is their own pleasure that is of interest to them not yours

Do Ask Your Angels to help you and seek professional guidance

Clubs or Wands


The Active Mind

Wands or clubs will generally speak of our creative side. This dose not mean you have to be an artist. When the cubs come out in a dealing it will indicate, normally our working life. Or new business plans we may have. The start of a bright future or the end of your current employment. It really is about the cards that lay beside to give full insight into what the future holds.

Seven of Clubs

Seven of Wands  Believe in yourself

Are you trying something new. The benefits of trying something new can feel like a struggle to you. You want to give up. But you know deep down that you can achieve it. This could be a fitness program that you have wanted to try. A new business idea, will you bring it forward. You feel as if the odds are against you bewildered by just the thought. Start the action and ask for the help. You’re Angels are close by.  The seven wands/clubs tell me you can do it . you have the power within you to see it through

Eight of Clubs

Eight of Wands – Is there exciting news?

There is some good news on it’s way to you. Have you recently applied for a new job. Or is the offer of promotion available to you. Read through the contract, why are you hesitant. It is wise to have caution or are you afraid of change. Set in your ways.  Find your inner courage to see the good in the offer. Look at the positive, there will always be a negative try not to focus on it. There is excitement to be found here. Look for it to open your mind as to how you can make it work. 

Nine of Clubs

Nine of Wands This is where it Begins

Have you been struggling with a situation where the workload was intense. You feel burdened by it. The nine of clubs tells me it is now time to ask for help. By accepting this help from a friend, colleague or your Angels it will enable you to move forward with the project giving you a simplified way of understanding the issues. It is the beginning.  Bringing you the success you desire. Your mental strength will become stronger allowing you to educate others on the same topic. Using your own ideas while merging with others for a successful outcome.

Ten of Clubs

Ten of Wands  Balance Your  World

Have you been overdoing lately. Not resting feeling as if you’re fighting a losing battle. Step back, look at what you have achieved. Create a balance of the most important situation, It can not be all work and no play. The 10 of clubs tells me you are achieving the goals you set for yourself. Because of your desire to achieve them you can not see them clearly yourself. Take a break and spend some quality time with family and friends. Listen to yourself as you tell them of what you were doing. Then you will realise the great work you have achieved. Balance is everything here, do not carry a load that is too big to manage.

Jack of Clubs

Knight of Wands  Untold Adventure

Who is this great friend you have or is the lover you crave? There are new changes coming in your life. You may not be aware of a journey. It will happen suddenly not allowing you time to think. It will be exciting and a new adventure. Enjoy it as in the previous weeks you have been feeling stuck, missing the sense of adventure. Jack of clubs or the Knight of wands  is a man who has a sense of danger about him. His light-heartedness is attractive, just be cautious. Enjoy the ride.

Queen of Clubs

Queen of Wands  Encouragement

Do you feel as if you already know what is about to happen? You are a strong individual. Who can sometimes be so deep in thought, others around you think you may be a little down in yourself. Your mind is busy figuring out the problems of others. To be strong for them to help them through different situations. You carry the great knowledge of Mary, our queen Mother with you helping others. You’re encouragement to others is of great wonder giving comfort to all that come in contact with you 

King of Clubs

King of Wands  Wisdom

A tall dark handsome man. Who is very wise with his finances. When the King of Clubs is presented to you it indicates there could be a financial windfall coming your way. The employment of a professional will be needed to see the deal through. Take heed of the advice this card gives to you. The king of clubs is a wise man who has great knowledge on how best to secure your financial interest, be warned his own interest is in himself. This could be related to work or could be an agreement between family members. Take the advice given to you to avoid setbacks in your life. Read between the lines