Diamonds or Pentacles

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Seven of Diamonds

Seven of Coins  Feeling the Struggle

You feel as if you are working all the hours God sent. The days are starting to feel like a struggle. The seven of Diamonds or Pentacle’s  tell me it is very important to keep going . Stick with what you are doing, it will pay off. 

Of course there are going to be a few setbacks. It is important to respond to customers’ replies to emails. Look at all aspects to see where it is you need to up your game. Do it with the intention of being successful, be the customer to yourself to get the understanding you need to be successful. 



Eight of Diamonds

Eight of Coins

So now you have finally achieved the goal you were aiming for is so rewarding. You also know that there is more training to be done. To ensure continued success it is important to be better educated for the purpose of gaining the knowledge to keep moving forward. This is not necessarily a financial gain. It could be a hobby a sport you love. Making money out of something you love doing is a natural ability. Should you follow this aspect, or is there an adventure you have undertaken . In any area choose it will be a success. 

Nine of Diamonds

Nine of Coins  Hidden behind your Smile

If you’re feeling like there is a void in your life. There is. The nine of diamonds tell me you feel like throwing in the towel. You’re frustrated with all the work and effort you have put in. Take some time out. Relax. This is going to be a success . 

The great time you will experience will be because of your achievements in the way you handled the overall situation. Dealing with every little detail is perfect at what you do. Hidden behind your smile, few will know of the stress you were under to succeed. For the person closest to you who saw your frustration it’s time to say thank you to them for giving you the support you needed. Enjoy the great financial reward.


Ten of Diamonds

Ten of Coins – Support

Life is so rewarding when we find ourselves in a good position financially in life. We soon forget how difficult it was to get to this point of reward. Yes it is well deserved, however remember you did not do it alone. The greatest support came from your nearest and dearest so spend quality time with them letting them know how the support they gave you helped you achieve the financial success that will stay with you for life, You are a wise person when it comes to money. Do plan for the future, you must also live in the present so learn to enjoy it with your family without being critical.  


Jack of Diamonds

Knight of Coins   Perfection

Such a lovely charming person to have around. If they are not already in your circle, they soon will be. A person who has all the qualities we want to see. Friendly, polite, honourable , successful. An excellent way with words. This person has the ability to diffuse any situation with their caring approach. Bringing friends together, building bridges between enemies.  If you know this individual there profession could be a doctor mediator. 

This person will also bring a message to you . It will indeed be great news . Possibly unexpected. Celebration  will be enjoyed  Enjoy their company 


Queen of Diamonds

Queen of Diamond   Influenced

We all want this great lady in our life. She could be your mother, wife or friend.  You will seek her advice on important issues in your life. Here advice should be listened to. A woman of great knowledge who has the inner strength of the Angels to help her advise you. A friendly warm person who loves family life. She is possibly an accountant who knows how best to serve up good financial news over dinner. Her subtle way of telling you how best to spend or invest money is done without you even realising she has influenced you.


King of Diamonds

Maturity at it’s finest. There is no going back now. With age comes great knowledge. If the business venture is with an older  person. It is set for great success. They have seen all the cracks, They will show you what you need to do to move forward. 

The advice is do not blame others for your own mistake. This great person has always taken responsibility for his own actions. Never pointing the finger at others for failures he had in life. He learned from his mistake and will teach you how to acquire the ability to do the same.  

This ensures great financial success.

Red Joker

The Fool or not, Be cautious regarding change. Look at it with open eyes and mind. Do not in this instance let the heart rule you. 




 Black Joker

The World  Be accepting of our World

Do say yes to the promotion you have been offered. You have worked hard to get this far, it has not gone unnoticed. Life goes around in circles for us all. Just like the world. It brings joy sandiness worry, laughter and many more elements that are part of our everyday lives. How we handle different situations is a very important factor in today’s world. Media internet has so many effects on us.

This card the world tells me we all have to be responsible for the world we live in. Live your life for the good of others. It will return to you tenfold



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Clubs or Wands


The Active Mind

Wands or clubs will generally speak of our creative side. This dose not mean you have to be an artist. When the cubs come out in a dealing it will indicate, normally our working life. Or new business plans we may have. The start of a bright future or the end of your current employment. It really is about the cards that lay beside to give full insight into what the future holds.

Seven of Clubs

Seven of Wands  Believe in yourself

Are you trying something new. The benefits of trying something new can feel like a struggle to you. You want to give up. But you know deep down that you can achieve it. This could be a fitness program that you have wanted to try. A new business idea, will you bring it forward. You feel as if the odds are against you bewildered by just the thought. Start the action and ask for the help. You’re Angels are close by.  The seven wands/clubs tell me you can do it . you have the power within you to see it through

Eight of Clubs

Eight of Wands – Is there exciting news?

There is some good news on it’s way to you. Have you recently applied for a new job. Or is the offer of promotion available to you. Read through the contract, why are you hesitant. It is wise to have caution or are you afraid of change. Set in your ways.  Find your inner courage to see the good in the offer. Look at the positive, there will always be a negative try not to focus on it. There is excitement to be found here. Look for it to open your mind as to how you can make it work. 

Nine of Clubs

Nine of Wands This is where it Begins

Have you been struggling with a situation where the workload was intense. You feel burdened by it. The nine of clubs tells me it is now time to ask for help. By accepting this help from a friend, colleague or your Angels it will enable you to move forward with the project giving you a simplified way of understanding the issues. It is the beginning.  Bringing you the success you desire. Your mental strength will become stronger allowing you to educate others on the same topic. Using your own ideas while merging with others for a successful outcome.

Ten of Clubs

Ten of Wands  Balance Your  World

Have you been overdoing lately. Not resting feeling as if you’re fighting a losing battle. Step back, look at what you have achieved. Create a balance of the most important situation, It can not be all work and no play. The 10 of clubs tells me you are achieving the goals you set for yourself. Because of your desire to achieve them you can not see them clearly yourself. Take a break and spend some quality time with family and friends. Listen to yourself as you tell them of what you were doing. Then you will realise the great work you have achieved. Balance is everything here, do not carry a load that is too big to manage.

Jack of Clubs

Knight of Wands  Untold Adventure

Who is this great friend you have or is the lover you crave? There are new changes coming in your life. You may not be aware of a journey. It will happen suddenly not allowing you time to think. It will be exciting and a new adventure. Enjoy it as in the previous weeks you have been feeling stuck, missing the sense of adventure. Jack of clubs or the Knight of wands  is a man who has a sense of danger about him. His light-heartedness is attractive, just be cautious. Enjoy the ride.

Queen of Clubs

Queen of Wands  Encouragement

Do you feel as if you already know what is about to happen? You are a strong individual. Who can sometimes be so deep in thought, others around you think you may be a little down in yourself. Your mind is busy figuring out the problems of others. To be strong for them to help them through different situations. You carry the great knowledge of Mary, our queen Mother with you helping others. You’re encouragement to others is of great wonder giving comfort to all that come in contact with you 

King of Clubs

King of Wands  Wisdom

A tall dark handsome man. Who is very wise with his finances. When the King of Clubs is presented to you it indicates there could be a financial windfall coming your way. The employment of a professional will be needed to see the deal through. Take heed of the advice this card gives to you. The king of clubs is a wise man who has great knowledge on how best to secure your financial interest, be warned his own interest is in himself. This could be related to work or could be an agreement between family members. Take the advice given to you to avoid setbacks in your life. Read between the lines