No 8. As Number eight has no beginning or end, there is endless possibilities both emotionally and financially avaible to you.
Leo/Sun/Fire. Strength is required to ensure fulfilment and happiness.

We may look like we have what it takes to be strong. Using your inner strength with the wisdom you have acquired over the years will guide you. Such an amazing person to have in your life. Protect them, love them, be good to them, it will return to you tenfold, if you know this person tell them how you feel. This is a precious and caring individual, who will only ever eyes and wise words for you. Listen with your heart as well as your mind.

It’s one of these cards where we feel the world is on our shoulders. Feeling like you’re not moving forward. Been stuck in limbo. Not sure as to what to do.
The strength card says, have you the mental strength to move forward. Or has a breakup or job loss upset you? You’re feeling low. Take strength from it, it is their loss and pain. You are a loving caring person with enormous love and respect. Only as time goes forward will they realize what they have lost. Show love and it will be returned to you. Take one step at a time to start rebuilding your life. Small daily tasks will ensure you will overcome the stress you feel in your mind.


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