The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man

Number 12.  Your thoughts will influence your future.

Such a powerful card. Do you need timeout to figure it all out. Are you waiting on someone else to make a decision? Do not be worrying about what you cannot change. Take hope that you will move forward with great confidence.
The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man

Zodiac:   Pisces, Water, Planet Neptune.  Keep your faith and hope.

The Hanged Man

Such a powerful card. Do you need timeout to figure it all out. Are you waiting on someone else to make a decision? Do not be worrying about what you cannot change. Take hope that you will move forward with great confidence.

Disagreement with a loved one is causing you great heart ache. A choice will have to be made. You question yourself, feeling as if life has gotten the better of you. Take hope with the hanged man, you need timeout to figure your path out. Life will then fall into place.

Stepping back to go forward.

Has there been heartbreak for you? It is not going to be an easy time. Feeling heartbroken, exhausted, and unable to cope throughout the day. Is there someone who needs medical attention? The hanged man says you will have to be very brave to get you through these turbulent times. Your world has literally been turned upside down. Just be patient with yourself. It is fine to feel low in yourself. You have been through a difficult time.

This is considered to be an important card in the deck. Is there someone around you or are you holding someone in suspense unable to make a clear decision. What are you missing from life, ask yourself are you truly happy, or are you just hanging around with your emotions expecting someone to return. Action is needed by you.  There are times in life where you have to let go of unrealistic dreams. Are you sacrificing your life for others if so the sacrifice is great on your behalf. A change of perspective is needed for a good outcome. Listen to your heart. Take time out to look after yourself first. Your strong mind will guide you to a good outcome. Clear your mind to only hold positive thoughts.

Take each day as a new day encouraging yourself to improve as you move forward. You will see change. The strength you have will shine through. Time is of the essence, allow it to heal you.

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No 8. As Number eight has no beginning or end, there is endless possibilities both emotionally and financially avaible to you.
Leo/Sun/Fire. Strength is required to ensure fulfilment and happiness.

We may look like we have what it takes to be strong. Using your inner strength with the wisdom you have acquired over the years will guide you. Such an amazing person to have in your life. Protect them, love them, be good to them, it will return to you tenfold, if you know this person tell them how you feel. This is a precious and caring individual, who will only ever eyes and wise words for you. Listen with your heart as well as your mind.

It’s one of these cards where we feel the world is on our shoulders. Feeling like you’re not moving forward. Been stuck in limbo. Not sure as to what to do.
The strength card says, have you the mental strength to move forward. Or has a breakup or job loss upset you? You’re feeling low. Take strength from it, it is their loss and pain. You are a loving caring person with enormous love and respect. Only as time goes forward will they realize what they have lost. Show love and it will be returned to you. Take one step at a time to start rebuilding your life. Small daily tasks will ensure you will overcome the stress you feel in your mind.


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The Emperor

The Emperor

No 4 You are being reassured your prayer are being answered. Circumstance will change with your influence,
Aries/ Mars. A natural healer. Confidence/ Wealth/ Leadership

What will you make out of life
When the Emperor appears to you it indicates you are in control of your own life. You may also find someone around you is trying to control you.

The skills you acquired over the years allow you to be in control without being forceful.
You may find yourself in a situation which unsettles you or someone close to you, as you are a strong individual the situation will be brought under control by your ability to calm and understand the overall problem, bringing ease to all. Stand strong but be mindful of others. But be transformed, renewing your mind looking at the whole picture.
Is there someone or something coming to you, which will change your life?

Today’s Cards

Knight of Cups

Knight Of Cups

Staying in your most passionate beliefs will lead to progress towards your goals. You will find peace in deep, meaningful connections with others. You need the emotional connection with another, you have many friends, who is this person. Is this person a friend or your desired lover? He is a romantic and compassionate person, he can forget about the moment, always planning. He represents self-acceptance and an arrival to finding the proper path for your life.



King of Swords ReversedKnight of Swords

This is a person who has harsh energy around them. They come across a weakness. They will manipulate you for their own gain showing you false love and kindness until they have you under their spell. Then you will see the real person emerge. Be watchful as you maintain your control of your life and finances.
The Knight of Swords is overpowering and can be destructive. He wants control, to know where you are and what you’re doing. Be cautious of fraud from what seems to be a nice individual.


Ten of PentaclesTen of Coins

The Ten Pentacles shows the presence of good, luck coming way, there is a moment of coming together, a discussion is needed to ensure it is the correct path for you in a relationship. An inheritance or win could be awaiting you.


Seven of PentaclesSeven of Coins


This card by nature tells you will avoid failure but fall short of immense success You can and will achieve your goals, do not set the standard too high, Time is needed here for all to come together. There will be setbacks.
Because of the previous cards, do ask yourself if it is love or finances that will bring you the greatest happiness. You want it both ways, are you willing to sacrifice yourself for financial reward, when what you crave is emotional connection as with the knight of swords.

Hearts or Cups

Ace of Hearts

The Ace of Cups Known in the tarot as Cups

If you have been recently through an upsetting time. The ace of hearts is telling me. You are now ready to move on to better times. Is there love in the air? The beginning of a new lover. See your positive approach returning to you allowing you to enjoy the fruits of love. Move forward taken each day as a new day. Enjoy it for it’s happiness. In a reading this card will also tell me there is a wedding on the cards. Is it you or possibly someone very close to you. 

Two of Hearts

The Lovers great friendships

In the coming days you will be blessed to meet a person who is going to become your long time friend. This encounter could start out as a business encounter where you seemed to get further information and knowledge on an upcoming business. You will click with this person straight away becoming such close friends. Now if it’s love you are looking for. It is there creating a bond never to be broken. The attraction for each other will be automatic, go with it. Don’t overthink it. Enjoy


Three of Hearts

The Chariot A journey

The three of hearts always remind me of my three sisters. It shouts out to me, fun celebration and happiness. Is there an upcoming event of joy for your family or friends? Exciting news. Be close to the people who bring out the best in you.

Are you planning on purchasing a new vehicle. A car, a bike or could it be a plane ticket. The three of Heart is saying go for it. It is the right time


Four of Hearts

Strength Mindset

It’s one of these cards where we feel the world is on our shoulders. Feeling like you’re not moving forward. Been stuck in limbo. Not sure as to what to do. Sitting down with a long feel sorry for me face, will not help the situation.

The four of Hearts tell me you do have the mental strength to move forward. OK you been upset with your lover, or have you lost your job. You’re feeling low. Fight it, get up. Take one step at a time to start rebuilding your life. Small daily tasks will ensure you will overcome the stress you feel in your mind. You are so  loving. Show it and it will be returned to you.


Five of Hearts

The Hermit Time Alone

Yes there is a time when we all need some quality time on our own. Going through the events of our lives. Having regrets. Letting them rest in our mind. It is upsetting when someone or something from the past returns to invade our everyday lives. Who scared you, broke your heart.

The five of hearts tell me. Yes you do need time out to deal with the situation that has been bothering you for so long. Write them all down. Scratch off the less important ones and let them go. On the more serious ones. Take one at a time. Speak to a professional to help you get through it. The one thing in life we all have control of is our own mind. We create our own thoughts.

Time out on our own can bring great awareness of the importance of life. You cannot change the past so start looking forward to a fresh new start each day


Six of Hearts

Wheel of Fortune Life spinning forces

It is time for friends and family to be part of your life. The support that has been offered to you is done in a subtle and calm way. Time to move forward from the past. It’s about receiving gifts or emotional support. The six of Hearts or cups also tell me. It is not just about receiving. It’s also about giving. By doing this you will feel free to enjoy the good company around you. So do respond to the person that speaks to you. Engage in good healthy conversion, speak of the positive from your life. See your smile as you relax in a  natural environment. Life is looking good.

Seven of Hearts

Seven of Cups – So many choices, so little time!

You have so many ideas. Like us all we think we can achieve everything that our mind offers to us. There is change arriving to you. Multi tasking so many different events or new ideas is not the way forward.

The seven is telling me it is time to choose from one of your great ideas. Ask your Angels to help you make the correct decision. Then focus on watching it grow into the wonderful thoughts you have had on the idea. Trying to do too many things at the same time is impossible for a perfect outcome.

This card also reminds me of looking to the higher power within our self, or simply just asking our great angels for direction. They will show you the way

Diamonds or Pentacles

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Seven of Diamonds

Seven of Coins  Feeling the Struggle

You feel as if you are working all the hours God sent. The days are starting to feel like a struggle. The seven of Diamonds or Pentacle’s  tell me it is very important to keep going . Stick with what you are doing, it will pay off. 

Of course there are going to be a few setbacks. It is important to respond to customers’ replies to emails. Look at all aspects to see where it is you need to up your game. Do it with the intention of being successful, be the customer to yourself to get the understanding you need to be successful. 



Eight of Diamonds

Eight of Coins

So now you have finally achieved the goal you were aiming for is so rewarding. You also know that there is more training to be done. To ensure continued success it is important to be better educated for the purpose of gaining the knowledge to keep moving forward. This is not necessarily a financial gain. It could be a hobby a sport you love. Making money out of something you love doing is a natural ability. Should you follow this aspect, or is there an adventure you have undertaken . In any area choose it will be a success. 

Nine of Diamonds

Nine of Coins  Hidden behind your Smile

If you’re feeling like there is a void in your life. There is. The nine of diamonds tell me you feel like throwing in the towel. You’re frustrated with all the work and effort you have put in. Take some time out. Relax. This is going to be a success . 

The great time you will experience will be because of your achievements in the way you handled the overall situation. Dealing with every little detail is perfect at what you do. Hidden behind your smile, few will know of the stress you were under to succeed. For the person closest to you who saw your frustration it’s time to say thank you to them for giving you the support you needed. Enjoy the great financial reward.


Ten of Diamonds

Ten of Coins – Support

Life is so rewarding when we find ourselves in a good position financially in life. We soon forget how difficult it was to get to this point of reward. Yes it is well deserved, however remember you did not do it alone. The greatest support came from your nearest and dearest so spend quality time with them letting them know how the support they gave you helped you achieve the financial success that will stay with you for life, You are a wise person when it comes to money. Do plan for the future, you must also live in the present so learn to enjoy it with your family without being critical.  


Jack of Diamonds

Knight of Coins   Perfection

Such a lovely charming person to have around. If they are not already in your circle, they soon will be. A person who has all the qualities we want to see. Friendly, polite, honourable , successful. An excellent way with words. This person has the ability to diffuse any situation with their caring approach. Bringing friends together, building bridges between enemies.  If you know this individual there profession could be a doctor mediator. 

This person will also bring a message to you . It will indeed be great news . Possibly unexpected. Celebration  will be enjoyed  Enjoy their company 


Queen of Diamonds

Queen of Diamond   Influenced

We all want this great lady in our life. She could be your mother, wife or friend.  You will seek her advice on important issues in your life. Here advice should be listened to. A woman of great knowledge who has the inner strength of the Angels to help her advise you. A friendly warm person who loves family life. She is possibly an accountant who knows how best to serve up good financial news over dinner. Her subtle way of telling you how best to spend or invest money is done without you even realising she has influenced you.


King of Diamonds

Maturity at it’s finest. There is no going back now. With age comes great knowledge. If the business venture is with an older  person. It is set for great success. They have seen all the cracks, They will show you what you need to do to move forward. 

The advice is do not blame others for your own mistake. This great person has always taken responsibility for his own actions. Never pointing the finger at others for failures he had in life. He learned from his mistake and will teach you how to acquire the ability to do the same.  

This ensures great financial success.

Red Joker

The Fool or not, Be cautious regarding change. Look at it with open eyes and mind. Do not in this instance let the heart rule you. 




 Black Joker

The World  Be accepting of our World

Do say yes to the promotion you have been offered. You have worked hard to get this far, it has not gone unnoticed. Life goes around in circles for us all. Just like the world. It brings joy sandiness worry, laughter and many more elements that are part of our everyday lives. How we handle different situations is a very important factor in today’s world. Media internet has so many effects on us.

This card the world tells me we all have to be responsible for the world we live in. Live your life for the good of others. It will return to you tenfold



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Where it Began


Childhood Memories

My earliest childhood memory is where it began, is sitting on the arm of my mother armchair beside my twin sister been fed. Life as a child in the country side, was it strange?. No it was not to us. We grew up with no running water, no flushing toilet, no central heating. To us as young children this was all normal, what you do not have, you do not miss. Playing cards telling fortunes, going to the fairy forts. Old folklore stories from my Grandad. Ghost stories. Living our life with the Angels. This is where the Tarot and Angels started for me.

Daily Task

We had to go to the pump on a daily basis for fresh water. The pump was about a quarter a mile up the road from us. Placed between us and our grandparents. We used buckets to get the water. At times we would also have to bring water up to our grandparents house. Fill up again on the way back home.

By the time we got back with the water our feet were wet. The buckets were half empty, we were then told off for spilling the water. I was no bigger than the bucket. Now this water was precious it was for drinking and cooking. When it came to having a wash we had to use the rainwater we collected in the barrels from the shuts. Big pots on top of the stanely heating away. Washing up the dishes fighting about who was going to do what. With six of us in the family, none of us wanted to do the dishes so there was always some argument between us. My dad was a truck driver, he would get up do the washing up rather than listen to us all fighting. As he says anything for a peace full life. 

Sister and Brothers

There was no such thing of having your own bed. I shared with Trish, we were so close always up to mischief. Trish was the pet she never got into trouble. Way more outgoing than I was. We were very much seen as half people. So much so, We were fed half portions of everything. I remember my mother splitting an egg in two for us. While the rest of the kids had a full egg. They wondered then why we never put on weight. I spent my childhood curious why we only ever received half portions. It is amazing after all these years the phrase your only half a person still sits me. 

The Twins

Been a twin has giving me the greatest pleasure in life. We know each other inside out. The strange ways we have conversation. Laughing and joking, no other member of our family could understand what we we were saying or laughing about. Been able to connect with some without using words is so unique, only a twin would understand. Fifty Five years later we are still connected. We also over the years have had our moments of not speaking to each other. When we speak of any fallen out we had, we both agree it was more than difficult. This is where the phrase only half a person comes in. Without your twin you do not feel complete. Today we live across the waters from each other. This is where technology is so great. Video chatting each other everyday. Our bond is now stronger than ever.

Strange as this may sound. we have my Dad to thank for staying part of each other life and the family. Our Mothers uncle in America, Uncle Phil and Aunty Eileen could not have children of their own. Because my Mother had two the same she was willing to let one of us go to Long Island with them to be brought up in America. Thank God for my dad. He put a stop to it.  Can you just imagine turning up all these years later with an American accent claiming to be part of a family,. At least been an identical twin would have confirmed it. Its strange and odd how family’s back in the sixty’s moved children around. I’m sure now their delighted they kept us together. 

The Older Sister and Brother

Who is the real boss in the house. My sister Margeurite, such an amazing person, A mother to us all since our mum passed away. Margeurite was the brains of the family. As a young child she was quite ill. So we reckon she was spoilt by our nanny and grandad. Always trying to get us to do our homework. Tidy up the house. Help mammy with the jobs. I’m only half a person, I can’t do all that. She was the apple of daddy eye. Margeurite went on to win a scholar ship to a convent in a private school as a full time boarder, to train as a chef. We were all so proud of her. That’s where it gets complicated. Now everyone expected us to have brains to burn.

John is the softest guy you will ever meet. He could never say no. Ask him anything, the answer would always be, yes I can do that. My strongest memory of John is Mammy and Daddy were gone to see Margeurite at the convent. We were messing around on the bikes. Doing stunts. Ok we were told not to take out the bikes. We were children, who would know we were playing outside. Well John came flying of the bike, it was a red chopper. His leg was split opened. The bike was mangled.

We got him indoors, washed as much blood as we could of his legs. Bandaged him up, got him to bed, he was in so much pain. What will we do. We were so afraid of getting in trouble. Convinced at the same time he would be fine in the morning or maybe dead, what will we do, we were hoping It would be all healed up. Later that evening we had to get auntie Nancy to come in to have a look. John was in so much pain. I can’t recall exactly what happened after that. But I do know John spent weeks in the hospital. Did we learn a lesson?.

The Younger Brother and Sister

Eddie was younger than us. Loved been out in the garage with dad constructing some kind of machine. A hands on guy not afraid of hard work. Always busy doing something. As soon as you put lessons in front of him he would get upset. He knew the answers but could not put it down on paper.

Dyslexic was not heard of back then. I myself and Trish are also dyslexic. School was very hard work for us as, we were seen as been stupid. Told we were not putting effort in. Eddie holding his hand out for the master to slap him. I stood up said stop, my mother will not be happy with you, The punishment was I had to do a one hundred lines. I must not speak back to the master. One thing I can say about my mother is, you do not touch her children. She was waiting at the front gate of  Golden National School the morning after to have a chat with the master. We were never slapped again..

The youngest of us all. I vaguely remember mammy telling us we going to have a new brother or sister. I do remember her in her pram, just sleeping. Ok it’s a baby what do we do. One of my memories is we did not have play pens. So parents back then would use an old tea chest. Simply just to stand the baby or toddler in while they hanging the washing out or doing general house work. Well Yvonne was having a ball. There was black beetle in the the end of the box . She was eating it. I can still hear the crunch. She is lucky not to remember. I also rember confusion over Yvonne name, was it Johanne or Siobhan. One great thing about Yvonne is her memory when it comes to birthdays and anniversary she forgets nobody and rember everyone.