The Hermit

The Hermit


No 9 It is time to look forward, you have completed your personal goal.

Virgo/Pluto/ Earth.  Light the way for others.

Are you searching your inner thoughts, reliving all the good memories that have been created? Been a Hermit in solitude with your thoughts, questions to yourself about decisions you have taken, were they taken for the correct reason? The hermit card says it is important to share your thoughts and insights. A person who will encourage and show you the way forward.

There is a time when we all need some quality time on our own. Going through the events of our lives. Having regrets. Letting them rest in our mind. It is upsetting when someone or something from the past returns to invade our everyday lives. Who scared you, who broke your heart.

You do need time out to deal with the situation that has been bothering you for so long. Write them down. Scratch off the less important ones and let them go. On the more serious ones. Take one at a time. Share your feelings with the one you love and care about, solutions can be found here to bring the desired happiness and love.  Speak to a professional to help you get through it. The one thing in life we all have control of is our own mind. We create our own thoughts. Time out on our own can bring great awareness of the importance of life. You cannot change the past so start looking forward to a fresh start each day. Rebuild broken bridges.

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